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Managing your walk-ins has never been easier.

Make more money while your customers save time
all powered through AI.

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Why Choose Time Table

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Automatic Wait Time Calculation

Our algorithm is 95% accurate, thus assuring that your customer will receive the correct wait time, rather than some back-hand calculation.

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Wait List Management

A simpler way to manage your walk-ins simply does not exist. No need to write anything down, we manage it all for you.

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Higher Turnover Rate

By being more efficient we will earn you more money and your customers will have to wait less. It is truly a win-win scenario.

Unified Communications

Our bot works on 5 of the major social networks and chat platforms in the world. This gives you and the customer one unified channel of communication from which they can join the wait-list. This will decrease clutter, disorganization and will further improve your ROI

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Automatic Wait Time Calculation

Our AI will automatically calculate the wait time for you. Over the course of 1 year, we have proven this to be 95% more accurate than current available solutions. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances change in an unpredictable matter, thus you can always change the wait-time manually if circumstances deem so neccesary.

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Meet with the Team

Giuliano Senese

Founder & CEO

Jonas Majauskas

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Joh

Marketing Manager

Thijs Jongebloet

Junior Developer

Time Table was able to help my restaurant manage the wait-list while also decreasing clutter leading to increased revenue and profits. I have known Giuliano for the longest time and would reccomend this product to any restaurant as it is quintessential to managing the wait-list.

- Frank Joseph, General Manager, Tarallucci e Vino

Time Table has been able to consistantly decrease our wait-time and increase our walk in conversion. We have used it for a little over a year now and have nothing but great words to say about it.

- Wolfgangpuck Group Intl.

Time Table is changing the restaurant industry. They have a proven concept and we look forward to see where this company is going.

- James Adam, Covina NYC

Questions and answer

Does Time Table replace OpenTable?

No! Time Table in no way, shape or form replaces OpenTable! We will only manage your walk-ins while they do reservations! You can use both services together without any issue.

Does Time Table cost money?

Yes, Time Table costs $29.99 per month per restaurant. However, we give new restaurants a free 2 month trial period to see if they like it!

What can we expect to earn with Time Table?

Your restaurant will see anywhere between a 3-8% gross revenue increase per month. It all depends on how busy your restaurant is and how long your average wait time is. Higher wait time = more potential for revenue.

How do you handle no-shows?

We have a three strike system in place! That means that if any customer does not show up for their place on the wait-list, you can report them and we will ban them if they do it more than 2 times! You will also get compensated for any no-shows to your restaurant.

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